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Israel Attacked Syria

Posted: January 13, 2017 in -
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Syrian Army warns Israel it will respond after military airport bombed near Damascus




It’s like The Fucking Twilight Zone…

The New York Times tells us that the Saudi Arabian government funds the Taliban, whom the US has supposedly been at war with for 15 years!!!

Saudis Bankroll Taliban, Even as King Officially Supports Afghan Government

Saudi Arabia is critical because of its unique position in the Afghan conflict: It is on both sides.

We are beyond satire, beyond parody. It’s matter of fact, routine now, insanity on the pages of the news as if it’s normal.

How can anyone tolerate a government in bed with those who fund its official enemies, whom the military is actively fighting against?


Is this thing on?





America’s push-button murderers…




Inside The Invisible Government: John Pilger On War, Propaganda, Clinton And Trump


These organisations are known as the liberal media. They present themselves as enlightened, progressive tribunes of the moral zeitgeist. They are anti-racist, pro-feminist and pro-LGBT.
And they love war.


As WikLeaks has revealed, it was only when the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in 2009 rejected an oil pipeline, running through his country from Qatar to Europe, that he was attacked.

From that moment, the CIA planned to destroy the government of Syria with jihadist fanatics – the same fanatics currently holding the people of Mosul and eastern Aleppo hostage.

Why is this not news?



We are at the brink of Armageddon. The warmongers are winning, and the people are so fucking ignorant and stupid that it’s pretty much a wash.

RAF given green light to shoot down hostile Russian jets in Syria


As relations between the West and Russia steadily deteriorate, Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots have been given the go-ahead to shoot down Russian military jets when flying missions over Syria and Iraq, if they are endangered by them. The development comes with warnings that the UK and Russia are now “one step closer” to being at war.





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Do you stand behind the bullshit you type in between elections?

The Power to the People Plan



So admits a top US general to Congress.