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Cynthia McKinney in a movie! Taking on the Military Industrial Complex…



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This was sent in today…


June 3rd 2016, Los Angeles, CA – Vision Films is set to release political satire “The Congressman” to all major VOD platforms on Tuesday June 21st 2016, following a successful theatrical release across the country throughout April and May.  In partnership with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Vision Films will release the DVD in fall.


Written and directed by former Long Island Congressman Robert J. Mrazek, “The Congressman” stars Treat Williams, George Hamilton, Elizabeth Marvel and Ryan Merriman. The film follows Charlie Winship (Treat Williams), a seasoned Maine Congressman who has grown disillusioned with political infighting and special interest lobbyists.  When a video of him failing to rise during the pledge of allegiance goes viral, he finds himself entrenched in a public firestorm. 

In addition to the media backlash, Charlie must contend with a conniving lobbyist determined to ruin his career (George Hamilton) and an advisor with a hidden political agenda (Ryan Merriman). Despite everything, Charlie agrees to help protect a small coastal village in his district of Maine from a powerful fishing conglomerate—all the while growing closer to the town’s librarian (Elizabeth Marvel).  As Charlie experiences this passionate and idyllic view of the American dream, he must decide how far he’s willing to go to resuscitate his career and fight the special interest groups in Washington, DC.

Robert Mrazek says: The Congressman is a feel good movie with a message that hopefully makes an audience think in these volatile times without telling them how to think.” 

Treat Williams says: “What I look for in a film is story and character. The Congressman gave me the chance to play a wonderful character in a great story.”

Managing Director / CEO of Vision Films Lise Romanoff says: “The Congressman is the perfect combination of timely politics and entertainment. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be offering this film during an election year when people are re-evaluating American values.”

**Director, Congressman Robert Mrazek, Treat Williams, George Hamilton and Ryan Merriman are all available for interviews upon request**

For more information, screeners and images please contact:            

Sisi Cronin |

About Vision Films

Vision Films is an Independent Worldwide Distributor and VOD Aggregator of over 800 Feature Films, Documentaries and Music Programs from some of the most prolific independent film producers in the world.   Led by Lise Romanoff, Managing Director/CEO Worldwide Distribution, Vision Films releases 2-4 films a month, across Theatrical, VOD, DVD and television.  Shannon Godwin is Vision’s Director of Domestic Distribution and Sisi Cronin is Vision’s Publicist.




That’s because Washington, London, Paris and NATO do not actually oppose terrorism, they merely claim to do so. Operation Gladio proved this beyond any reasonable doubt. Washington supported the Mujahadeen terrorists since the Carter Administration, then the Contras in Nicaragua. They have supported terrorists anywhere and everywhere they could be seen to strike at the west’s official enemies, like Qadaffi and Bashar al Assad.

Western leaders are essentially war criminals who covertly support the terrorists they claim to fight. They do this mainly through their so-called “allies” and “partners” like the thug Erdogan in Turkey, and the royals of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the like.


People who run the empire do not think like regular people, and that is the first thing you need to understand if you actually want to fight terrorism.


Nouri al Maliki, Iraqi Prime Minister 2006-2014

Iraq’s puppet prez, who is no longer in the government, has come out with critical statements stating the obvious: Washington is full of shit and protecting ISIS.

“It’s unbelievable and unacceptable that more than 60 nations comprising this coalition that have the most modern aircraft and weapons at their disposal have been conducting their campaign in Iraq for 14 months and IS still remains in the country,” he told RT’s Arabic-language sister-channel Rusiya Al-Yaum.

‘US-led coalition disjointed in fighting ISIS as some members have own plans’

Or maybe ISIS is a key instrument for changing the situation in Iraq and the region?”


“The move could potentially put the American troops in the cross hairs of Russia,” reports the New York Times.
US Special Forces deployed as ‘human shields’ to salvage terror assets in Syria

Last week, America’s top military official, General Joseph F Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Senate committee that Russia’s air support had changed everything. “The balance of forces right now are in Assad’s advantage,” he said.

This is the context in which to interpret the latest, surprise move by Obama to send Special Forces into Syria. It is more about inhibiting Russian success in destroying the sundry anti-regime forces on the ground than about either “helping the fight against Islamic State” as claimed, or about misgivings of a large-scale American invasion.

…This perspective most likely explains the hastily convened “peace conference” in Vienna. US Secretary of State John Kerry’s apparent concernto “stop the bloodshed” does not seem credible as the primary motive.

…According to senior Syrian army intelligence, up to 500 mercenaries were flown to Yemen onboard Turkish, Qatari and Emirati planes.


…Which, of course, they’ve done since at least 1979, in Afghanistan.

“Think about it: if Damascus or Baghdad are seized by the terrorist groups, they will be almost the official authorities, and will have a launchpad for global expansion. Is anyone thinking about this or not?”

Vladimir Putin accuses US of backing terrorism in Middle East

Russian president tells gathering of politicians that Washington is playing a ‘double game’ and acting in self-interest

“It’s always hard to play a double game – to declare a fight against terrorists but at the same time try to use some of them to move the pieces on the Middle Eastern chessboard in your own favour. There’s no need to play with words and split terrorists into moderate and not moderate. I would like to know what the difference is.”