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Link Between Fracking and Toxic Water

“This is a wake-up call,” said Dominic DiGiulio, lead author of the Stanford University study, published in Environmental Science and Technology. “It’s perfectly legal to inject stimulation fluids into underground drinking water resources. This may be causing widespread impacts on drinking water resources.”


I have several “F” words lined up. Beyond fracking, it’s fascism that sticks out the most.


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The Nazi regime in Kiev is acting like, oh, I don’t know.  Nazis?

Water supply problem in Crimea to cost $247- 417 million




During the Fukushima onslaught of radiation, they abandoned America by scaling down their measurements and radiation detection programs.  Can’t have bad publicity over the nuclear industry poisoning the population, can we?

Now OBAMA’S fascist EPA is ignoring its own study of fracking and punting it back to the State of Wyoming to work out with the company.  The effects across the rest of the nation are of no concern.  Those poisoned in all the other locales will need to start from scratch and try and get the Reichs Ministers interested once again.  Good luck.

EPA Halts Study Linking Fracking with Water Pollution

“EPA officials said they will not finalize a 2011 draft study that found contaminants in the groundwater of Pavillion, Wyoming, were consistent with chemicals used in fracking.

They also said they will not ask outside experts to review the EPA’s research. Instead, the agency will turn the matter over to the state of Wyoming, which intends to work with Encana, the company that conducted the fracking, to resolve the problem.”