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Farmers are watering your food with fracking chemicals

Industrial scale poisoning is now the norm. Maybe we could just change the nation’s name to Evil Incorporated?

They found methylene chloride aka dichloromethane at 56 parts per billion. The EPA’s safe drinking water level is 5 ppb.




California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered officials Wednesday to impose statewide mandatory water restrictions for the first time in history as surveyors found the lowest snow level in the Sierra Nevada snowpack in 65 years of record-keeping.

I used to live in the desert in S. California. In the town was a gigantic grass farm, a place that grew acres of lawns, fucking lawns for sale. In the desert. With no fucking water. All water had to be piped in from somewhere else. This went on 24/7 for the vanity of middle-class morons who had to have grass lawns surrounding their McMansions.

Eventually I moved up north to the source of the water. Fuck them idiots. If it gets dry enough, they’ll move elsewhere.

Brown orders California’s first mandatory water restrictions: ‘It’s a different world’

–Require golf courses, cemeteries and other large landscaped spaces to reduce water consumption.

–Replace 50 million square feet of lawn statewide with drought-tolerant landscaping as part of a partnership with local governments.

–Create a statewide rebate program to replace old appliances with more water- and energy-efficient ones.

–Require new homes to have water-efficient drip irrigation if developers want to use potable water for landscaping.

–Ban the watering of ornamental grass on public street medians.

–Call on water agencies to implement new pricing models that discourage excessive water use.

–Require agricultural to report more water usage information to the state so that regulators can better find waste and improper activities.

–Create a mechanism to enforce requirements that water districts report usage numbers to the state.