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Okay, so I have a little place in my heart for Jennifer Aniston and crazy stoner comedies… but–


We’re the Millers wasn’t terrible.  It wasn’t very good either.  It hit the formula points, and it had enough laughs to keep it moving along.  Its 47% Tomatometer reading is probably just about right.

I’d hoped for more depth, the kind which is regularly seen pretty much all over television these days, but I’m hoping in the wrong medium it seems.  One dimensional Mexican drug lords, stupid Keystone Cop action, gratuitous hateful family that comes together, and it can really start to grate in retrospect.

I’d take any two half-decent episodes of Weeds instead, truthfully.  Not that Weeds has its shit together.  They often scrape the barrel for laughs and twists, but it just feels more real, more enjoyable, less manipulative of the audience, less couched in mainstream culture moralizing for starts.  Weeds doesn’t have to explain where its coming from, unlike this film which apparently has to appeal to middle Amerika.  It’s a different sensibility.


We’re the Millers arrived on DVD this week, and so I’m going to run out and check out The World’s End, which may have a lot more promise and has now also arrived at the local Red Box.


WEEDS (2005 – ?)

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Joe Giambrone
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season 1

DVD: Weeds – Season One

The tribulations of Nancy Botwin, the MILF Weed, Agrestic CA, and the Mexican Mafia — Showtime’s Weeds is a different kind of television. Very naughty, and not for kids.

For five years now Nancy Botwin has lived outside the law. After the death of her husband, Nancy decided to sell pot in order to retain her house and her accustomed standard of living in the upscale “ticky tacky” neighborhood of Agrestic.