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Journalist Adeemo Freeman prosecuted for investigating police brutality inside a high school (report).  Sentenced to one year in jail with five more years probation for recording police and school officials over the telephone and posting to youtube.  “Wiretapping” law used to prosecute journalist for asking valid questions about the abuse of a minor by a police officer in the Manchester West High School in New Hampshire.

Video with the so-called criminal wiretapping:


Video of alleged police brutality inside the school:


Accountability remains an historical artifact.  Citizens no longer have the right to gather newsworthy statements from “officials,” without risk of prison terms.

Proud to be living in a fascist thug-run police state?

One dozen states now make it illegal to record police on duty, whether the police in question are committing crimes themselves or not. In Illinois, a man could be sentenced to 75 years for basically turning on an audio recorder.

This madness must be stopped cold, and Michael Allison is a brave mofo turning down a plea deal to challenge this Nazi insanity head on. Michael is represented by the ACLU — who could use your donation always.