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Pepe Escobar takes on the global chaos…

Planet of Fear




Illegitimate prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk explained it several times. Most recently on Wednesday unambiguously saying “(o)ur goal is to regain control of Donetsk and Lugansk.”

US Combat Forces, FBI and CIA in Ukraine: Vice President Biden Congratulates Poroshenko for Violating Minsk Peace Agreement


Ukraine’s Poison Pill for Peace Talks

But the implementing law that emerged this week from the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev inserted a clause requiring the rebels to first surrender to the Ukrainian government and then letting Kiev organize elections before a federalized structure is determined.


Putin offers Iraq’s Maliki ‘complete support’ against jihadists

The extent of military aid is not specified in the article, but this is now escalating toward a world war scenario.  Just thought you should know, in between video games, porn and cat videos…



Well, that old number 13 is still unlucky. While mankind was right to ignore the Mayan Apocalypse nonsense, life on earth can actually be extinguished, from something going wrong, more along the lines of:

Russia to Hold Large-Scale Mediterranean, Black Sea Naval Drills

MOSCOW: Russia will hold large-scale naval drills in the Mediterranean and Black Seas in late January with the involvement of warships from the Northern, Baltic, Black Sea and Pacific Fleets, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press office reported on Wednesday.

“The Russian Navy’s drills of this scope will be held for the first time over the past few decades and are designed to improve control, ensure and practice multiservice force interaction of the fleets in the far-off maritime zones,” the press office said. (more)


Syria is a flashpoint of world conflict right now, and the US empire and its lackeys in Europe have been playing with fire.  Americans remain ignorant of their own government’s role in supporting genocidal terrorist brigades in Syria, and in Libya last year.  They are fed a consistent propaganda stream of so-called “news” from “opposition activists” who are in fact the propaganda arm of the terrorist brigades.  Not real news sources.  They’ve been exposed as serial liars for over a year.

More on the potentially catastrophic Syria situation:

Syria: The First Casualty…

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