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That’s a bit of a stretch, but here we are…

Riz Ahmed warns lack of diversity on TV will drive young to Isis

I really want you to understand how much that meant to someone who doesn’t see themselves reflected back in culture. It’s a message that you matter.”


Idiocy advances much faster than intelligence today. There’s an exponential expansion of stupidity that is shocking to see in real time.

No one involved has actually ever been near a joint.

They think distutbing your vision is what Cannabis does. And they’re selling them to local governments. This is malfeasance and fraud.

Marijuana goggles might warn teens of the effects of drug use


Come spy on your countrymen.

Learn how to avoid the Constitution.

Come work for NSA erecting a fascist police state.

Summer camps, NSA-style

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has run a summer program with the goal of recruiting the next generation of cyber specialists. The agency is at the center of a controversy over the extent of its surveillance.


The Real News:


The future of propaganda is here, and it’s pretty awful.

GTA-ISIS: Militants hooking youngsters with ‘Jihad video game’ trailer

But I guess with the US Army pushing its own video game onto OUR youth, the idea caught on?



If Tarantino can gush over Dazed and Confused, which I thought was unimpressive, a little too corporate and obvious, on the nose, then I can bring up a far more interesting young and wasted story. Actually both films, like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and The Wild Life, cover pretty much the same territory.  Superbad as well.   It’s just that The Stoned Age is very guerrilla, balls out, and gritty.

Plus, I feel like I’ve met some of the characters in real life, whereas not so much in the other films.  I felt distanced and completely alien to the Dazed and Confused characters.  The ending in particular was an anticlimax.

Here, however, there’s a real interplay between the two main characters, sort of an anti-buddy comedy. These two are rubbing against one another like sandpaper throughout the entire journey. The plot, of course, hinges on trying to find a girl and party. That’s not the interesting part.




What elevates the movie are all the wacky side characters they come up against along the way.  It’s an odyssey, and all these dregs and misfits are pretty much in the same boat as they are, out of love and trying to get wasted to pass the time and soothe their egos. The plot takes a major turn when a secret gets spilled, that there are a couple of eligible young ladies in waiting.  Spilling this news leads to major conflict later on.


3 (1)


It’s a damned funny movie about the kind of misfits I remember well, without the feeling that there are 57 guys with machines and lights and cranes hovering about behind the camera.