A Public Challenge to Professor Noam Chomsky

Posted: December 1, 2015 in Joe Giambrone
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A Public Challenge to Professor Noam Chomsky:
Debating the September 11th Attack Evidence

Joe Giambrone

Opening Statement

Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT has made odd and frankly specious claims regarding skepticism of the government’s official story of the September 11th, 2001 attacks (http://youtu.be/3i9ra-i6Knc). His statements were misleading and have, in fact, misled many people who defer to him as an expert on these matters.

There are clearly two sides to this discussion, if we are to eliminate obfuscation and side-issues. Senator Bob Graham of Florida has stated, on numerous occasions: “Re-Open the 9/11 Investigation Now” (Huffington Post, 9/11/2012). If Professor Chomsky would simply defer to Senator Graham, who was the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on 9/11, who co-wrote the “Joint Inquiry” (House/Senate) investigation into the 9/11 attacks, and who actually saw the FBI’s intelligence reports–unlike Professor Chomsky–then this debate would be over.

But there is another side to this debate. Vice President Dick Cheney made that position perfectly clear when he repeatedly telephoned Democratic leader Senator Tom Daschle to demand that the Congress not investigate the 9/11 attacks at all (CSPAN, http://youtu.be/4pTt2cQvUww, 3:55). Cheney was accompanied by President George W. Bush the following week, with the exact same message to Senator Daschle. Daschle, however, refused to cave in to White House pressure. When the report produced results displeasing to the Bush Administration it was censored.

So, in the binary world of Bush and Cheney, either Mr. Chomsky is in favor of fully investigating the September 11th attacks, or he is not. There is no middle ground; there is no third path. There is no need at all for elaborate semantic arguments.

The fact of a major cover-up of the September 11th attacks is undeniable. To claim otherwise would be indefensible. The redacted 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry investigatory report establish this cover-up as an incontrovertible reality. Those 28 pages [Now released, with lingering redactions, silence from Chomsky] detail state sponsorship of the 9/11 hijackers in the U.S., including money and logistical support, according to the man who co-wrote them: Senator Graham.

Further, a mansion in Sarasota Florida was repeatedly visited by purported hijackers, including Mohamad Atta, and yet the government has hidden its surveillance of these pre-9/11 activities (Herald Tribune, April 16, 2013, http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20130416/ARTICLE/130419732). FBI officials made false statements in regard to this Florida terror cell. An ongoing legal battle lingers over this second cover-up, the first concerning the terror cell based in San Diego, Ca.

Professor Chomsky, as an authority on linguistics and on the clarity of words, should respond directly to these facts and to this public challenge. Either a 9/11 cover-up exists, which we must demand an end to as a free and open society; or else there is no government cover-up, and the 9/11 crimes have been solved.

So which is it?

End of Opening Statement

A Series by Joe Giambrone


This post is Public Domain: no copyright is claimed. Spread widely.

Joe Giambrone is an American author, freelance writer and filmmaker. Non-fiction works appear at International Policy Digest, WhoWhatWhy, Foreign Policy JournalCounterpunch, Globalresearch, OpedNews, High Times and other online outlets. His science fiction thriller Transfixion and his Hollywood satire Hell of a Deal are available through Amazon, B&N, Smashwords and Createspace.


  1. Chomsky also denies that US intelligence played any role in the JFK, Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King assassination..

  2. Leave Chomsky alone. Man’s done more to lift the veil of the industrial military complex and the actions of sick and twisted political figures to further their gains through manufacturing consent which is stock and trade for the mainstream media. That’s all there is is the mainstream media. The correct targets toward regaining any sense of dignity and integrity as a people in Spam Land is to understand what Chomsky maintains — never trust the government.

  3. Editor says:

    Short answer: No. Chomsky misleads what passes for the left on the most important issues of our time, and I won’t stand for it.

  4. Editor says:

    Chomsky’s response to the greatest political event of our lives:

    (also known as: counterfactual fallacy, speculative fallacy, “what if” fallacy)”

    “This fallacy consists of offering a poorly supported claim about what might have happened in the past or future if circumstances or conditions were other than they actually were or are. The fallacy also involves treating hypothetical situations as if they were fact.”

    There you have it: Noam Chomsky relies on a glaring and egregious logical fallacy to mislead his minions. The facts are found elsewhere, and if you actually care about the September 11th attacks on America, you’d best do your own homework and your own thinking.

  5. ruffadam says:

    Chomsky has no credibility left in my book. He has been challenged to debate 9/11 before by the way and he will not respond. He knows he would lose such a debate in a big and embarrassing way which is why he will never debate 9/11 and why he will never even acknowledge the challenge to debate has been made.

    I recommend you just write him off as I have done and recognize that he is no longer credible and his opinion about 9/11 is essentially worthless.

  6. Editor says:

    It’s not just about him. It’s about all the people who parrot his arguments. They need to be shown he’s making specious claims, writing checks he can’t cash.

  7. hybridrogue1 says:

    Funny…I don’t see a response here from Professor Chomsky!

    I have spent the last 14 years studying the events of 9/11, and I have to agree 100% with the Editor. How can anyone can deny at this late date that 9/11 was a psychological operation by the State, to mentally traumatize the population into a state of fear and loathing. so that the State could activate a preset agenda of foreign conquest, plunder and war?

    Chomsky himself has admitted he has put no effort whatsoever into discovering the facts of 9/11 for himself. This flippant disregard for the basis of critical thinking on his part is shocking and unforgivable.

    Thank you for this article, Willy Whitten

  8. Editor says:

    You’re welcome. It always shocks me when people praise his illogic, as several websites do. Blind mindlessness seems to be valued in some places.

  9. hybridrogue1 says:

    These kids playing at being “psychologists” on that site are no less indoctrinated than a sports fan drinking beer, eating pizza and blowing hot farts into his sofa pillows.
    See: https://hybridrogue1.wordpress.com/2015/04/26/compulsory-schooling-indoctrination/

  10. Editor says:

    Still not a peep from the great professor, who tells millions of others what to think…

    Defend your ideas, Noam.

    Come January, I’m going to return to this with more intensity.

  11. Ken Allan says:

    Chomsky is an academic. He often seems to think that he is the only educated person in the world. His views on how ‘science’ should be practiced in the 21st Century are archaic. He is out of touch with what is now taught to kids in high school. They are taught principles in physics and chemistry that are no longer up for debate as they were in the time of Newton through to the time of Faraday. He believes that people who understand high school physics and chemistry (and they are legion) need to have a PhD in the subjects and have presented papers at symposiums and the like before they can talk knowledgeably about them.

  12. Editor says:

    500 views and no one has disputed the thesis. Where are Chomsky’s loyal followers? I’ve alerted them on many sites, and my follow-up is finished and submitted to a number of outlets.

    The closest I’ve had to an argument is some clown claiming that I’m the only one who “cares.” Not that I’m factually incorrect, but that the world no longer cares what happened on September 11th of 2001. That’s too asinine to bother rebutting.

  13. Ron Maimon says:

    You are right about 9/11, Chomsky is wrong, but give him a break. He is not an internet guy, and if you follow print media, you are completely out of touch with the world post 2000, especially regarding 9/11 and the war on terror. He is allowed to make a mistake every once in a while, he is not a God.

  14. Editor says:

    Hundreds more pouring in–and they’ve got nothing to say. I know Chomskyites are reading this, and their ignorant minds simply can’t compute.

    Ask the poobah if there is a cover-up or not? chomsky@mit.edu

    Then ask him if it matters?

    If not, why not?

    What criteria does Noam use to judge what matters and what doesn’t?

    Ask him if he’s deliberately misled the people of the US about September 11th?

  15. Andrew Logan says:

    James Corbett’s produce on Chomsky I found worthwhile.https://youtu.be/EEDf7OkRCxk

  16. Editor says:

    Still waiting…

  17. chosmky says:

    Chomsky doesn’t respondd because he is lnguist, not a physics, or a doctor or a lawyer.

    His opinion is that everything is fine… based on what?

    On the language used…

    Unfortunately for him, people are realizing that the towers could not have fallen on jet fuel. Jet fuel would have evaporated in a fire ball in less than 30 seconds… not enough time to melt steel columns. Jet fuel doesn’t get hot enough to melt stell… that would be a problem for jets since they are constantly burning jet fuel in order to fly… planes would melt in the air…

    Noam Chomski is a jew. Jews don’t believe in logic or in using real definitions, they just use language as a tool to convince people, they are not based in facts, they just short circuit ideas in your brain, like a religion does (who invented religion by the way? jews!!!!), they just have plays on words… like Hitler did because he was a jew too…

    The whole idea of Hitler was to take jews out of Germany and into Palestine. Hitler collaborated wuth the zionists because their plan was to create Israel and put people in there in order to do that…

    Jews didn’t want to go to a desert, So eventually Hitler killed the remaining Jews, the ones who would not comply with his orders.

    Who did 911?

    It seems the US government did. Who inside the US government? That is not clear, but a lot of jews in the story: the dancing jews, the ones with explosives in a van, now chomsky seems to be hiding something…

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  20. doug says:

    Chomsky makes the same conclusion you’re trying to make with 911 but does so with less controversial examples like Vietnam, Iraq, Latin America, etc. He focuses on the big, institutional things like killing 2.5 million Vietnamese and 50k US citizens for arms business or supporting mass executions so some guys can have banana farms in Nicaragua. These are plain as day things that anybody can find out about and are considerably less controversial than dark conspiracy theories that have been tossed around for so long that “grassy knoll,” “free fall rate,” and “thermite” have become universal signifiers to discredit you as a Zeitgeist watcher—“NO PLANES.” I think he avoids those topics on purpose, knowing that it can’t possibly help him or the cause to go there even if official accounts might not be true. Maybe he knows something you don’t? It’s a war for what’s right, so maybe knowing the battles to fight isn’t as easy as it looks.

  21. Editor says:

    No. He’s lying. I’m not. End of that thread.

  22. doug says:

    Or maybe he’s one of those intellectuals the CIA hired in the 50s to contain the margins, you know, like they did with Peter Mathiessen and the Paris Revue, etc. Maybe that’s why he says things like “it doesn’t even matter,” putting that line there, that limit which can’t be crossed. Spooky, man. If that’s real, and it could be, things are so much nastier than we imagine.

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  29. brad says:

    I agree with the author; Chomksy’s silence is astonishingly bizarre, especially when one considers how deeply he delves into other atrocities and abuses by the rich and powerful. I respect Chomsky’s work, both in linguistics and current affairs. Very few writers on current affairs footnote their work as meticulously as Chomsky does. Perhaps he prefers to focus on the far larger scale atrocities conducted by the US and allies abroad. But still, that’s no reason to remain so silent on the 9/11 issue. The Toronto Hearings on 9/11 (amongst other sources) make it abundantly clear that the official story is absolute rubbish and, as an outspoken, eloquent dissident, he should acknowledge as much.

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