Could this be the last post ever?

Posted: September 30, 2022 in -


I almost forgot how to use the WordPress post controls after 20 years of doing it. That’s how rattled I am tonight.

This could be it, friends. Erased from the world, another stupid species that probably didn’t deserve its elevated place over so many nobler creatures.

I saw a rumor of hope–that even NATO wouldn’t die for Zelensky–a few minutes ago, and Ukraine was denied.

The USA, however, is the main gangster in the room.

If we don’t make it…

my readers, I tried to do my best for you guys and gals over these years, for ——$10!

I got a $10 donation one time, from a gracious chap. The truth is not expensive. It’s the lies that cost us all so dearly.

Adieu, brave souls who had to say something. We’re not like … them.

Joe Giambrone

Publisher of Political Film Blog


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