Corazon de Fabrica (2008)

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From the film’s Press Release:

a film by Virna Molina and Ernesto Ardito

“The film looks at the life of a group of workers, men and women,
inhabitants of the Argentinean Patagonia. These workers start a fight to stop the deaths and accidents that happen in the factory where they work. They live complex and dangerous conflicts and they are taking more and more commitment, something many of them had never imagined could happen. These strong episodes are affecting their perception of the reality, of the world. No one now can see himself or herself like the human he or she used to be. Something broke, something has changed and can not return to the original place. In a poor country looted by its own governments and businessmen, the workers of Zanon Ceramic take the factory in their own hands when the owner closes it. They start to produce ceramics again, but without bosses.


Now, they feel free. They’ve found in their work a way to grow
humanly. But at the same time, they have to assume a series of
responsibilities and challenges. Usually, this provokes serious
arguments among them or with themselves. During that process, the
workers had to study and to overcome themselves in order to solve all the problems linked to the areas of production. Through the democratic assembly, they found a way to support their organisation and learn how to take their own decisions in the management. In a country devastated by an economic debacle, they created two hundred new jobs. Now they are 470 people working in the factory. Together with 5,000 Neuquen’s inhabitants who support them, workers have resisted four attempts of evictions. They do not consider themselves as the new owners of the ceramic factory: on the contrary, they consider the Neuquén community as the only owner. And they give back in donations to the most needed sectors the surplus that the factory produces. This is a permanent challenge where every day they have to fight against a political and economic system that tries to boycott them. Their biggest obstacle though does not come from the outside. It is about their own fears inculcated by this society. Although many of them do not know it, if they win the battle in their consciences they will open the door to build a completely different world.


First Kodak Award to Best Latin American Project

Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival (FICCO-Cinemex).

Best Documentary Film

Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO).

Special Jury Prize

Catalunya Latinamerican Film Festival (Spain).

The film was selected in the official section of the following film

International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA- The
La Habana International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema (Cuba)
Mexico City International Contemporary Film
Festival (México)
Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (Greece)
San Diego Latino Film Festival (USA),
BAFICI – Buenos Aires
International Independent Film Festival (Argentina)
Reykjavik Shorts and Docs Film Festival (Iceland)
1001 International Documentary Film Festival (Turkey)
Valdivia International Film Festival (Chile),
Festival de Biarritz (France)
Trieste Latinamerican Film Festival
Latin American Film Festival of Catalunia (Spain)
African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival of Milan (Italy).

The film was possible with the financial support of:

Jan Vrijman Fund – IDFA – International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam (Holland).

Heart of the Factory was awarded with the Grant for Production an

Alter-cine Fondation (Canada).

Heart of the Factory was awarded with the annual grant of the fund

La Base, Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein, …and with the solidarity of many people and organizations from all over the world that helped us to finish the film through the pre buy of the DVD during the filming.


From this page you can also buy our other film Raymundo , about the argentine filmmaker, Raymundo Gleyzer, kidnnaped and murdered by military dictatorship in 1976.

This documentary won 16 international awards.

Available with English and French subtitles

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