Zero Dark Propaganda: Fuck Off

Posted: February 25, 2013 in -
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The Academy shied away from endorsing torture lies. I’d like to think that the noise we all made had some real effect on their decisions. ZD30 ended up tying for sound — what-ever. Other than that, empty handed in every category.


Ang Lee takes home Best Director, and it is much-earned. Life of Pi is being compared to a religious experience by a whole lot of people, and it really is powerful and unforgettable.

Argo remains a poor substitute for an honest look at America’s role in the world. And we’ve talked enough about that.

  1. I just wrote my review of ZDT on politicoid – i really don’t think it comes out condoning torture, in fact quite the opposite, although it took watching it three times to understand why. Have a read if you so desire…

  2. Editor says:

    Apparently you misunderstand the issue:

    “As far as I could tell, this was demonstrably false. The detainee in question certainly never gave the information up under interrogation – it was only through isolation, hopelessness and deceit that the name of his courier was finally extracted. ”

    It didn’t come from detainees AT ALL. Not those being tortured. Not those eating a “civilized lunch” under threat of more torture. Not under any circumstances. It came from elsewhere.

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