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Did Trump Really End the CIA’s Secret War in Syria?



Racist purge of voters is happening now.

Redux of 2000 – They are deleting 2 million voters from voting rolls.

Petition to have Justice Department interviene.

Voter Registries Face Purges in Republican-Controlled States


Michel Temer: 5 Fast Facts


“Temer Was Formally Convicted of Violating Election Laws & Can’t Run For Office”





A Syrian insider’s comprehensive history of this crime.


The Rise of ISIS and Other Extremist Groups:
the role of the West and Regional Powers



This is a smoking gun that the CDC has committed crimes to protect the vaccine manufacturers from liability and scrutiny. And, as usual, no one goes to jail when the crimes are officially sanctioned.

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World War 3 is on the horizon.


iran contra

Counter Intelligence | Part II – The Deep State